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Blue Label Transfers from Faro Airport to Alvor – destination guide info:

Alvor…the small fishing village known in the past as being an important port, back to the date of the Moors, it’s now one of the most attractive areas for nature lovers and common visitors.

It shows a unique blend of charming old village with narrow streets, that you will find specially in the still preserved old part of Alvor, but also it’s a modern resort with several accommodation amenities as well as many typical restaurants, nightlife bars and local souvenirs shops.

It’s Manueline style it’s still alive on some monuments in the old part of the village like the main church, from where you can head towards to the riverfront and enjoy of the delightful views of this natural resort.

The river estuary is very searched specially for Bird Watching lovers and leisure activities and it has a large wooden boardwalk that goes all along behind the beach on the dunes parallel with the river estuary. This wetland area it’s a paradise for many dozens of species migratory birds and also a lot of variety animal life and it’s considered a protected area by the Natura 2000 network.

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