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Blue Label Transfers from Faro Airport to Lagos – destination guide info:

Lagos…known in the past when it started as an ancient fishing harbour, was also the first trade market slave of Europe around 1444 in the 14th century. Considered as the 2nd biggest city westerly in the Algarve area, from all the touristic towns near to the coastline, Lagos it is the largest one before arriving to the last western village of Sagres where it is located the mythical Cape St. Vincent.

You will get the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous beaches on this area like: the 7kms Meia Praia beach, still considered the biggest beach in the western of the Algarve, the stunning Dona Ana beach as well as the charming cliffs, grottos, arches and sea caves of Ponta da Piedade pointed as one the best natural features of southern Portugal.

Lagos is the perfect destination for families with children or even occasional alone visitors, providing safe clean beaches, a huge in front city leisure marina side by side with the “Avenue of the Discoveries”, the very searched Zoo of Lagos with lots of rare animal species and also several restaurants and accomodation all along the city.

Local food markets (vegetables, fish, fruit) are also very typical and searched by many visitors especially on Saturday mornings, as also the very tiny and narrow streets in the city center old part where you can find some old monuments sea characters statues and some historial churches like the golden church’ of St. Anthony rebuilt around 1769.

Our Faro taxi services offers the best of two worlds: high quality standards and the cheapest rates available in the Algarve through several means of Taxi Transfers from Faro Airport to Lagos.



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