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Transfers from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz

Blue Label Transfers from Faro Airport to Praia da Luz – destination guide info:

Praia da Luz…as known as “the beach of light”, like many of the coast cities in the Algarve, has started as a small fishermen’s village and it has been developed and grown in one of the most favorite private holidays rentals resorts for the English ex-patriot community that are already residents living there during all the year.

Comparing to the rest of the other coastal resorts in the Algarve, Praia da Luz still preserves its own charming with old history around this typical village, very famous for the bay protected to the East by the mythical “Black Rock” cliff. In generally it’s more peacefull and quieter than the neightbour city of Lagos that is 15 minutes away from Luz.

You will find there many water leisure activities such as: windsurfing, a sailing school, waterskiing, snorkelling, paddleboats, scuba diving and boat trips.

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